Quality Assurance

M1 Support Services top management has established, documented and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) per the ISO9001 and AS9110 International Standards.

M1’s QMS is continually improving company processes using corrective action, internal auditing and management review processes. We maintain QMS approvals and other required approvals, certificates, ratings, licenses and permits required for the operations performed as required by the federal government and the applicable contract.

The QMS includes the following:

  • Identifying the main processes of the business, the interaction and sequence of those processes, and core measures to determine process effectiveness.

  • Establishing criteria and methods needed for assuring effective operation and control of the processes have been determined per contract and established objectives.

  • Establishing necessary resources to support operation and monitoring of the processes have been established, which include appropriate training.

  • Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing processes through periodic management review meetings to ensure objectives are being met and that system integrity is maintained.

  • Taking action to achieve planned results and improving processes through periodic management review meetings and corrective/preventive action programs.

  • Establishing a Quality Policy and Safety Policy.

  • Establishing an Organizational Chart that identifies Authority and Responsibilities, including Control Functions.

  • Applying the principles of the QMS to all customers and contracts without prejudice.

  • Defining controls of all outside processing (outsourcing), which does not negate the responsibility for us to provide quality products/services to our customers.

  • Ensuring all repair and maintenance of parts are outsourced to certified FAA repair stations.